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In his Telemedicine Project Dr. Suarez understands the necessity from patients to see a doctor even when he is at another location. Dr. Suarez sees the need of the large population living mainly in rural areas or poor neighborhood to consult an available physician they can trust, someone who is going to educate, diagnose and treat their health problems/illness, to guide and supervise other health care providers. Good health care starts with good communication and availability.

Some patients can not afford to pay for expensive consultation fees or they do not have a transportation to go where the doctor is located, so in this project the doctor is reachable via Telemedicine to take care of the patients. Telemedicine gives to every patient the opportunity for health care and to see a physician. With Telemedicine we can erase distance, connecting the physician to the patient, “Face to Face” in real time, universalizing health services. Even if the physician is located in another place, or another country, he can see the patient using Telemedicine equipment. Health care provider must be licensed in the country they practice.

The Philosophy:
The mission of Dr. Suarez in this project is to help patients and doctors in Latin America, serving them as a physician and consultant using the technology and making available the North America’s high standards and good quality medical care. Also motivate physicians and health care centers to help people in underserved areas implementing the Telemedicine. 

What To Expect :
In a typical Telemedicine consultation: The patient enters the “Telemedicine Suite”, is seated in front of a monitor, camera, and microphone. Then patient will identify himself and is briefed on what to expect of a teleconsult, where to look, where to speak, and then will sign a consent. Using computers, monitors, cameras and other electronic communication devices we create a virtual face to face consultation between the doctor and the patient. A “Telepresenter”, who could be a medical assistantor another physician will be present to help the patient and will establish a good video and audio connection with the doctor, who is licensed in the country where the patient is located and who is at a remote “Telemedicine Suite”. Once the connection is established the consultation begins. 

The patient is now engaged in a live, real time “Teleconsultation”. The patient will be able to see and speak with the doctor as if they were in the same room. Once a diagnostic is made by the doctor, a prescription will be given if needed via Internet to the pharmacy. Also necessary referrals and/or follow ups will be addressed and the Teleconsultation is complete. Patient will receive instructions to follow up, as well as the plan of treatment. If the patient is seeking special medical care in USA will be open to come to Houston.

Telemedicine is the future of medicine and are walking hand and hand with technology to provide the best medical attention possible to everyone, anywhere, and at an affordable rate. 

Dr. Suarez Project in Latin America is in development.

Our Telemedicine project started 2005, with a second presentation in July 2006 in the Hospital Japones in Santha Cruz - Bolivia, south America, after that we have been waiting for interested organizations to cooperate in: Funding, Telemedicine equipment technology with recognized patented Companies, as well as countries and local Governments with communities in need of this project.
We are not practicing Telemedicine at this point, Dr.Suarez is writing his book of use of telemedicine in his idea project of "municipalization of health" for universalization of health care in primary care medicine.


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