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Telemedicine Houston(was active till 2006)

During his project presentation in 2006 Dr. Suarez used the telemedicine system in a practical, versatile, dependable and affordable way for both the patient and the medical doctor. In his project, the idea is to do exactly the same way many Doctors are doing in different conuntries in order to be available to their patients. Demographics and economics have put a heavy burden on patients, especially the underprivileged Latino population in Houston in some neigbhorhood areas, and have made it difficult for some to find time, transportation and other resources to see/consult a doctor. In good faith Dr. Suarez idea is to put togethere a system using telemedicine into his practice to improve the overall health of his patients.Using telemedicine any mediccal doctot is currently able to cut the wait time for patients thus allowing the doctor to see his patients immededitly and over a farr distance. Dr. Suarez encourages his patients to schedule an appointment to see him at his central office, where there are more accommodations (X-Ray, Ultrasound, CBC, etc), This project is for those patients who can not go to his office because of no transportation. Patient's health care is changing as technology changes and Dr. Suarez is walking side by side and ready to fulfill those needs and changes.
Dr. Suarez'sTelemedicine Project is planning to adjust to the constant regulations and will improve accordantly with latest technologies, new software and equipments as well as the Texas medical board requlations..

Our Telemedicine project started in July 2006 with a presentation in south America, after that we are waiting for interested organizations to cooperate in: Funding, Telemedicine equipment technology with recognized patented Companies, as well as countries and local Governments with communities in need of this project.
We are not practicing Telemedicine at this point, Dr.Suarez is writing his book of use of telemedicine in his idea project of municipalization of health for universalization of health care in primary care medicine.



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